I made a chat website for us.. I doubt anyone's gonna use it, buuut here
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Twitter & Hotmail Account

I thought I'd get the ball rolling again and suggest the idea of making an Official Unique Lunatic Twitter, and Hotmail Account!

So, Jesse ok'ed it, and I made the accounts. I won't post the passwords and etc here, seeing as it's a public blog, but if you ask me or Jesse on MSN or in a message, we'll gladly give you the details.

You can find and follow the Twitter account -> Here.

The purpose for this account is for updating on Main, and Side Project's we're all working on, and not for the purpose of updating every three seconds about the unimportant things you're doing (like me xD)

So, go ahead make your own Twitter account if you haven't already, and we'll see you there!

Hotmail Account.
Is mainly for activating accounts and etc, or if we forget passwords to stuff.

And that's all for now.
If you have more suggestions, we don't bite, so throw them at us, and we'll brainstorm! :D
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and follow it please ; ; i feel like fag with only jesse the fag following
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Alright, so there's this site called "FormSpring"

Basically, you have your own account,
and people can ask you questions,
either anonymously or with their name and details, (if they have an account)
You can follow someone, and keep track of the questions they're being asked,
and change various things and blah blah

Anyone can ask anything, too.

I haven't seen any other UL members' profiles,
other than Jesse's, so, if you have a FormSpring profile,
feel free to edit this post and put in your own link [:

Here's the people who have it;


Sign up Here

See ya!! ;D
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If you peoples didn't get it yet. This will be a public blog. Meaning everyone who's been invited may post at anytime they want. Topics can be random.

If you have your mind on something, post it.
Need some advice, post it.
Want everyone to see a video/song, post it.
Randomly need to blaahblahblah to the world, POST IT.

We're trying to bring the UL together through a blog. We know you all know how to blog by now.

You will gain BONUS EXP if you post often.

Theres no rules on this mates. Just post what you want, spread the word, and be yourself.

Sound good?
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Well, here we go. First post in the UL Blog.

For you randomers reading this;

The Unique Lunatic group started on a 3D Chat called IMVU by a few friends. (And I can't remember who's idea it was)

This group consists of 20 or so people from different countries of the world,
all friends on the IMVU social networking site. The group has spread from IMVU, to MSN, Facebook, and now here. Where next? Who knows.

As for you people who know all this already, you can skip it.

I think that's all for now, unless Jesse and etc have more to add.

See ya!
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